How to Remove Completed from your List of Coding Challenges.

Nick Haralampopoulos
3 min readJul 14, 2020


As a student of Microverse online software development school, I learn multiple programming languages and Computer Science fundamentals, through working on real projects with other students to reach mastery.

Every day I connect to my dashboard to get info for my weekly progress and the daily program. On the dashboard, there is an option called ‘View Progress’. By clicking on it, I see a page with options to choose between Projects, Coding Challenges, and Professional skills. Here is where the problem starts.

I have solved more than 190 coding challenges. The list is long and I have to scroll down a lot to see what is left to do. Almost the same happens with my Professional Skills list. So I decided to something about it.

Say hello to Filter Challenges. A Chrome extension that removes, temporarily, the completed challenges from your lists so you can see what remains to be done.


The extension is available on the Coogle Store. Here is the link to it: Filter Challenges

If you prefer you can download the source code first. Then follow the steps below to add it to your Chrome.

Clone this repo to your computer.

clone repo

On your Chrome bar type chrome://extensions/ and press enter.

Turn on the Developer mode toggle button on the top right of the bar.

Click the Load Unpacked button.

Navigate where you saved the project and select the filter-challenges folder.

If you did everything right the extension is installed and ready to use.


Navigate to your Microverse Dashboard. Click View Progress and then Coding Challenges.

Your list now show only the pending items.

If you want to see the completed items just click on the button Show Completed

You can find this project on my GitHub account. Please star it if you find it useful. Contributions are welcome.

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